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Hello I'm Kathryn


Welcome and thank you so much for considering me to be a part of your motherhood journey.


I’m a Melbourne-based muma who is dedicated to helping women have both empowered and healthy pregnancies, births and postpartum periods. It's an honour to draw on my experience as a nurse, teacher, and yoga instructor to provide women holistic emotional, nutritional, physical and spiritual support and guidance through pregnancy, birth and into postpartum recovery.  However, pregnancy can often be daunting, and often quite complicated. I am a DONA International trained birth doula and also a qualified nurse. Hence, I always use evidence-based training and practices to support my naturalistic approach to supporting women throughout this unique time in their lives.


My own experience of giving birth has been the most magical and rewarding thing I have ever done. Nothing has had a greater impact on my life than the journey to motherhood.


I love helping women and their partners achieve the kind of birth experience that fits with their unique values, intuition, and needs. This can be different for everyone. However, I believe pregnancy is not only a time when we rediscover ourselves, but often is a transformative process that will impact the rest of our lives. This is why I not only guide women through birth but also aim to teach them the kind of self-love and awareness that will stay with them forever. Whatever you know your birth and postpartum preferences to be, I will support and guide you in your personal journey in a completely loving and unbiased way because I believe that all birth, no matter how it happens, is sacred.


I would be honoured to support you in creating the positive and memorable birth experience that you deserve.


You can find out more about me and my qualifications by clicking the following links:






In addition, I offer a range of services that may help you on your journey to motherhood - including doula birth services, pre, and postnatal yoga, and placenta encapsulation. I am very open to creating a package to specifically suit you and your personal needs. To find out more about these services please scroll down. 


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