Kathryn Smithfield at 35 weeks

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I feel so lucky to have found my dream job in supporting women and their partners during the most wondrous and transformational time of their lives, the birth of their child.


Whether you are a first-time muma or your family is growing, my goal as a birth doula is to provide emotional, physical and educated informative support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.


Pregnancy can be really hard and very unpredictable. In a way of easing some of that stress and sometimes even fear, I will work with you and your partner to build your confidence in making decisions by helping you gather accurate information and facilitate communication with your health care providers.


During labour, I will calmly guide you and your partner in using a variety of different relaxation techniques and comfort measures customised to your individual needs. This will allow you to stay focused and confident in your ability to birth your baby.


I can and would be honored to create a package to support you and your partner throughout this wonderful journey by providing you any combination of the following services:


  • Childbirth education

  • Providing guidance for a natural and healthy pregnancy with a focus on self-care and self-love

  • Nutritional support throughout your pregnancy  

  • Access to my rather large library of childbirth, yoga, essential oil and nutrition books 

  • Education on essential oils for pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period and beyond

  • Creating and providing prenatal yoga plans for you to practice in the comfort of your own home 

  • Developing birth plans

  • Access to a comprehensive list of referrals to a wide variety of natural health professionals   

  • Assisting and supporting you throughout the labour and birth of your child

  • Advocating for you and your partner throughout the labour and birth of your child as I have a good understanding of 'the system' and protocols. I respect them, but at the same time, I will ensure you have all of the knowledge and choices to make informed decisions. 

  • Birth photography

  • Supporting new mothers through the early stages of breastfeeding their newborn child

  • Placenta encapsulation 

  • Creating and providing postnatal recovery yoga plans for you to practice in the comfort of your own home 

  • Nutritional support throughout your postpartum period

  • Providing you with postnatal doula support services.


I would be honoured to support you in creating the positive and memorable birth experience that you deserve.


Please don't hesitate to get in contact with any question or to organise a free initial meet and greet. 


"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life." - Ina May Gaskin

What is a doula?


Doulas are trained professionals who provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Like travel guides in a foreign country, a doula is a knowledgeable aide that can support you and your partner (if you have one) to make informed decisions throughout out your prenatal, labour, birth and postpartum periods.


Continuous one-to-one care during labour from another woman who understands and is experienced in childbirth can offer significant benefits for the labouring mother and her partner. Countless studies and scientific trials examining doula care demonstrate remarkably improved physical and psychological outcomes for the mother, partner and baby, including:


  • 50% less cesarean sections

  • Reduction in the use of forceps by 40%

  • 60% fewer requests for epidurals

  • 40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions or augmentations

  • 30% reduction in the use of pain medication

  • 25% reduction in labour length

  • Increased rates of breastfeeding at 6-weeks postpartum (51% vs 29%)

  • Higher self-esteem (74% vs 59%), less anxiety (28% vs 40%) and fewer cases of depression (10% vs 23%) at 6-weeks postpartum

It is listening
Support is unconditional.
Not judging, not telling your own story.
Support is not offering advice...
It is offering a handkerchief, a touch, a hug... caring.
We are here to help a woman discover what she is feeling... not to make those feelings go away.
We are here to help a woman identify her options... not to tell her which options to choose.
We are here to discuss steps with a woman... not to take the steps for her.
We are here to help a woman discover her own strength... not to rescue her and leave her still vulnerable.
We are here to help a woman discover she can help herself... not to take that responsibility for her.
We are here to help a woman learn to choose... not to make it unnecessary for her to make difficult choices.

- Jenn Fontaine


What is support?


I trained with renowned Canadian DONA International birth doula trainer, Jenn Fontaine, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), HBE, PCD(DONA), CLE , Lamaze Program Director.


DONA International is the world’s leader in evidence-based doula training, certification and continuing education.


Families who work with a DONA certified birth or postpartum doula know that they are getting someone who has completed in-depth, high-quality, evidence-based training. DONA International upholds the highest standards for certified doulas, and you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of support from a DONA certified doula.




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